1. Application to be made in the prescribed form (overleaf)
2. The applicant shall be,
(a). President / Secretary of a OPA Member Association
(b). OPA Center (Life / Annual Member)

3. All payments to be made to the OPA office 3 days before the date of event

4. OPA reserves the right to reject or to cancel any reservation already made without giving reason.
For any cancellation of a booking minimum charge of Rs. 1000/= will be levied.

5. Food, will not be permitted to be brought into the OPA Premises. Bottles permitted on payment of corkage

(a) Liquor, Beer / wines / Soft Drinks / Water if brought by the applicant will subject to payment of corkage & conditions. (Rs. 250/= per bottle)

(b) All bottles brought should be declared to the barkeeper and corkage payments to be made before usage. The barman will paste a sticker on each bottle brought from outside permitting use of these bottles within the bar premises & is valid only for the date of issue. Uses of Foreign Liquor from personal lockers are subjected to conditions & are prohibited to use at functions.

(c) The applicant must be personally present for the function in the Restaurant and be responsible for any violation of the rules/ conditions

(d) All functions in the Restaurant shall cease at 12 midnight For bookings on Sundays / Holidays an additional charge of Rs. 500/= will be levied for the payment of overtime to the caretaker.

Payment of Rs. 750/= for providing the facility
The Bar will be open from 11 00hrs to 1400hrs & 1700hrs up to 11.00 p.m. only.