Submission of Manuscripts

Submissions are accepted on the understanding that they have not been published in their current form or a substantially similar form (in print or electronically, including on a web site), that they have not been accepted for publication elsewhere, and they are not under consideration by another publication.


Conflicts of interest
Authors must state all possible conflicts of interest, including financial, consultant, institutional and other relationships that might lead to bias or a conflict of interest. If there is no conflict of interest, this should be explicitly stated. All sources of funding should be acknowledged.


Permissions to reproduce previously published material
Authors should include with their submission copies of written permission to reproduce material published elsewhere (such as illustrations) from the copyright holder.


Subject consent forms
Subjects have a right to privacy that should not be infringed without informed consent. Identifying details (written or photographic) should be omitted. Details regarding obtained informed consent should be indicated in the published article.


Ethics committee approval
For research papers, all authors must declare that the research was conducted within the guidelines below and under the terms of all relevant local legislation.


All authors must confirm that they have met the criteria for authorship as established by the International Committee of Journal Editors, that they believe that the paper represents honest work, and that they are able to verify the validity of the results reported.


Copyright assignment
Papers are accepted for publication on the understanding that exclusive copyright in the paper is assigned to the Publisher. Authors are asked to sign a copyright transfer form to accompany their submission.
The journal encourages the submission of papers by e-mail with attached file to


Please also include a copy of the Author Submission Form, preferably in an electronic form.