Standing Committees

  1. To attend to all matters relating to the Administration of the OPA Centre, including employment and disciplinary control of staff
  2. To attend to letting out and use of floor space at the Centre

To organize social and welfare events


1Senarath D. Shantha Eng .
2Perera Dulitha Mr.
3Gunasekera  Ruchira Ms.
4Gamarachchi Bandula Mr.
5Warusavithana Saman Mr .
6Samarasekera  Naresha  B .Dr.
7Dahanayake Sujeewa Lal  Mr. 
8Rupasinghe H. P. Ravi  K .Eng.
9Manamperi Arjuna Eng.
10Korale Raja Mr. 
11Gamage Sarath Mr.
12Jayamanne Renuka Ms.
13Herath  Rohana Bandara Archt. 
14Fernando E.C.M.Mr.
15Jayatilake Sarath Syr.
16Ranasinghe Anoma Ms.
17Karunathilake Indika Prof.
18Gallehewa Jayantha Mr.
19Perera Chaminda N. Mr.
20Rajapaksha Sugath Mr.
21Jayawardena Upali Eng.

To deal with all financial matters including preparation of a draft Annual Budget, Supervision of the preparation of accounts, recommend capital. Non-recurrent expenditure and  procurement.

To initiate discussion   on matters of national importance and to report its deliberations for consideration of the Executive Council and Forum.

To evaluate and recommend to the   Executive Council all applications for Membership of the OPA and to OPA Centre.

This Committee shall be responsible for organizing Public Seminars, Colloquiums and Talks of Professional or public interest.

Shall be responsible for the up keep and maintenance of the restaurant and Bar at the OPA Centre.

To establish and maintain  a Career Guidance Centre at the OPA and to conduct Seminars & Workshops on Career Guidance and Skills Developments.

To organize and budget for the Annual Conference of the OPA

To be chaired by the Editor and the Committee to attend to all matters relating to publication of the Annual Journal and quarterly Newsletter

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General – Budget Proposals and National Policies on Health & Nutrition

                                     For 2017/18 – SAITM Issue and Strategies for an Efficient Public Health


                                             General – Budget Proposals and National Development Policies, Strategies

                                             and Financing  for 2017/18 – FTAs and the “Development (Special) Provisions Bill


General – Budget Proposals, National Physical Plan, Regional Plans,

                                                   National Policies on Agriculture, Forestry and Wild Life and Urban and Rural Human                                                Settlements For 2017/18 – Western Province Megapolis Plan, Amendments to                                                            National

                                                   Physical Plan and National Agriculture Policy

General – Budget Proposals and implementation of Construction IndustryDevelopment Act

For 2017/18 – Making the Construction Industry Authority a vibrant organization and   Development of Human Resources for Construction Industry

General – Budget Proposals and the National Defence Policy  For 2017/16 – Updating the National Defence Policy drafted by the OPA in 2007 and a    Report on Interim Report on National and Public Security of the sub- Committee of Parliament

General Budget proposals and National Policies on Education and Human Resource for  2018/2019 – Establish of a Human Capital Development Commission (Suggested by the Professionals to My/Dev. Strategies & International Trade in the 44 page Report        submitted on 22nd April 2016)


The National Issues Committee may be entrusted with discussing issues relating to  National Constitution, Good Governance and International Relations.

General – Budget Proposals and National Policy on Transport and Logistics

For 2017/18 – Strategy for an efficient multi-modal public transport system and PPP in  Transport and Logistics