1. Introduction


The first edition of the National APEX award was held in 2013 which was a groundbreaking event, showcasing the significant achievements of members of affiliated Professionals Associations in Sri Lanka. The Recognizing of Professional Excellence through an Apex Awards scheme was established by the Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka (OPA), to recognize outstanding achievements of professionals across different sectors.

A total of ten (10) awards will be on offer to deserving individuals at this distinguished ceremony recognizing national and international achievements. This is the third occasion that the Apex Awards are on offer.


The categories of Awards consist of the following sectors.


Category of Award

Profession category

Member Association/s covered

i.                     Finance and Banking


1     Accountancy

2     Banking

1     The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICA)

2     Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

3     Sri Lanka Institute of Taxation (SLIT)

4     Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of Sri Lanka (ACCA)

5     Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMA)

6     Association of Professional Bankers of Sri Lanka (APB)

2         Engineering Service

ii.                   Engineering Services





1.       Architecture

2.       Engineering

3.       Surveying

4.       Town Planning

5.       Quantity Surveying

6.       Valuation

1.       Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA)

2.       Sri Lanka Institute of Landscapes Architects

3.       Association of Public Service Engineers (APSE)

4.       Engineers Guild of Sri Lanka (EGSL)

5.       The Institution of Engineers of Sri Lanka (IESL)

6.       Society of Structural Engineers of Sri Lanka (SSESL)

7.       The Surveyor’s Institute of Sri Lanka (SISL)

8.       Institute of Town Planners of Sri Lanka (ITP)

9.       The Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka (IQSSSL)

10.   The Institute of Valuers of Sri Lanka (IVSL)


iii.                 Science and Technology


1.       Gemology

2.       Librarianship

3.       Science

4.       Computer Science

5.       Archeology

6.       Chemistry



1.       Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka (GASL)

2.       Sri Lanka Library Association (SLLA)

3.       Association of Scientific & Technical Workers (ASTW)

4.       Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (ICC)

5.       Institute of Physics Sri Lanka

6.       Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL)

7.       Sri Lanka Council of Archeologists (SLCA)

8.       The Textile Institute of Sri Lanka

9.       Associations of Airline Pilots of Sri Lanka


iv.                 Legal


1.       Law

1.       Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL)

v.                   Health and Medical Services


1.       Dentistry

2.       Medicine*

3.       Pharmacy

4.       Nursing


1.       Sri Lanka Dental Association (SLDA)

2.       Government Dental Surgeon’s Association (GDSA)

3.       General Dental Practitioners Association (GDPA)

4.       Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA)

5.       Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA)

6.       Independent Medical Practitioners Association (IMPA)

7.       Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka (PSSL)

8.       Graduate Nurses’ Foundation of Sri Lanka (GNFSL)


vi.                 Agriculture and Veterinary

1.       Veterinary Science

2.       Agriculture


1.       Sri Lanka Veterinary Association (SLVA)

2.       Sri Lanka Institute of Agriculture (SLIAg)


vii.                Marketing and Hospitality

1.       Marketing

2.       Hospitality

1.       Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM)

2.       Institute of Hospitality Sri Lanka International Branch (IH)


viii.              Management

1.       Supply Management

2.       Management

3.       Human Resource Management


1.       Institute of Supply & Materials Management (ISMM)

2.       Institute of Quality & Productivity Management (IQPM)

3.       Institute of Chartered Corporate Secretaries of SL (ICCSSL)

4.       Chartered Financial Analysts of Sri Lanka (CFASL)

5.       Institute of Facilities Management of SL (IFMSL)

6.       Chartered Institute of Personal Management of Sri Lanka (CIPM)

7.       The Associations of Chartered Insurance Professionals


ix.                  Maritime and Defence

1.       Shipbroking

2.       Defence

3.       Maritime


1.       The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers of S.L.  (ICS)

2.       Association of Retired Chiefs of Police (ARCPSL)

3.       Association of Retired Flag Rank Officers (ARFRO)

4.       Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka (CMMSL)

5.       Society of Chief Engineers’ Marine (SOCEM)

x.                   Economics and Statistics

1.       Economics

2.       Statistics


1.       Sri Lanka Economic Association (SLEA)

2.       Institute of Applied Statistics of Sri Lanka (IASSL)


*Registered under Section 29 of Medical Ordinance.


The Apex Awards would be presented to individuals who had showcased an outstanding contribution to Sri Lanka relating to his/her profession.


  1. Process


  • Submission of Nominations/Applications


The nominations could be submitted individually or by affiliated Professional Association. Professional Associations can select eligible members for different awards in their discipline and submit the names with a brief description of the nominees for the APEX Awards. 

All nominations/applications shall be on the prescribed format to be downloaded from the OPA Sri Lanka website, or obtained from the OPA Secretariat.




  • Appointment of Panels of Judges


Panels of Judges shall consist of one academic, two professionals from member association/s falling within the relevant profession category and two outside the profession, all of whom would be of good standing. The relevant Panels of Judges will be appointed by the OPA Apex Awards Committee.


First round of selection would involve aforesaid five members in the panel and the final selection would be done by three members who are other than the two professionals from member association/s falling within the relevant profession category. Chairman of the Panels of Judges shall be appointed from within the panel of judges and such appointed chairman shall preside over meetings.





Panels of Judges shall submit their recommendations to the Special Committee appointed by the OPA Apex Awards Committee. The Chairman of the Special Committee shall recommend the successful nominees.



  1. Important Instructions


A member/ member association cannot forward more than one nomination for an award category.


The nominees/ applicants may be required to present themselves for an interview/interviews at the request of the Judges.


If the Panel of Judges is of the view that the nominations/applications received for a particular category of Award is not up to the standard, on their recommendation Chairman of the Panel of Judges, Chairman of the Special Committee of the OPA Apex Awards Committee may decide not to present any Award for that category.


The failure to submit all requested information within stipulated timelines, may disqualify the nominee/applicant. The decision of the Chairman of the Special Committee of the OPA Apex Awards Committee on the recommendation of the Panel of Judges will be final.  


The award winners will be notified at short notice by the Chairman of the Special Committee of the OPA Apex Awards Committee.

Nomination/Application forms with the category of the Award marked on the top left-hand corner of the envelope should be returned under sealed cover on or before 21st September 2021 to:


The General Secretary

The Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka

275/75, Prof. Stanley Wijesundera Mawatha,

Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.



For Clarifications call OPA Secretariat      :               011-2580268

  1. The Award


The Award for Excellence in each field will be presented only to one Distinguished Member who has demonstrated outstanding achievements and eminence in that field.  



  • Nominations for Award


Nominations in any one of the following categories will be entertained.


  • Professional Associations
  • Individual


The individual should use the official Nomination Form along with a report in the given format. The forms should be accompanied by Curriculum Vitae of the nominee. The nominations that do not comply with this requirement may be rejected.


Each nominee should submit a statement indicating as to how in the opinion of the nominee, he/she would adhere to each of the selection criteria pertaining to the relevant award by giving a description of not more than 100 words per criterion.



  • Eligibility Criteria for nominee:


  • Be a Member of a Professional Association which is a member association of OPA.
  • Should be Member of the Professional Institute/Association for more than 10 years.
  • Be more than 45 years of age as of 31st December 2020.
  • Possess substantial professional experience and advancement.
  • Contribution made to development of the profession.
  • Interaction with the society at large contributing to its betterment.
  • Possess a track record of good governance in his/her professional endeavors.
  • Promotion of interaction between professionals in Sri Lanka and overseas.


  • Form of Award


A lifetime Trophy in recognition of professional excellence and a Certificate.