Management Committee

  1. To attend to all matters relating to the Administration of the OPA Centre, including employment and disciplinary control of staff
  2. To attend to letting out and use of floor space at the Centre
  3. To organize social and welfare events

Finance & Budget Committee

To deal with all financial matters including preparation of a draft Annual Budget, Supervision of the preparation of accounts, recommend capital. Non-recurrent expenditure and  procurement.

National Issues Committee

To initiate discussion   on matters of national importance and to report its deliberations for consideration of the Executive Council and Forum.

Membership Committee

To evaluate and recommend to the   Executive Council all applications for Membership of the OPA and to OPA Centre.

Seminars, Workshops & Programmes Committee

This Committee shall be responsible for organizing Public Seminars, Colloquiums and Talks of Professional or public interest.

Restaurant & Bar Committee

Shall be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the restaurant and Bar at the OPA Centre.

Career Guidance and Skills Development Committee

To establish and maintain  a Career Guidance Centre at the OPA and to conduct Seminars & Workshops on Career Guidance and Skills Developments.

Annual Conference Committee

To organize and budget for the Annual Conference of the OPA

Publication & Newsletter Committee

To be chaired by the Editor and the Committee to attend to all matters relating to publication of the Annual Journal and quarterly Newsletter.

Re-Engineering Committee

Welfare of Senior Citizens Committee

Social Events, Outreach Programmes & Young Professionals Committee

Disciplinary Committee

OPA Premises Maintenance Committee

OPA Constitutional Reform Committee

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